Top Pigeons Power Endurance Granulate

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Piet de Vogel about Power Endurance Granulate

Since 2010 I use the TopPigeon PE granulate in our own lofts. I am very satisfied with that and what is more important is that the pigeons feel good and reward me every year with top performances!

This modern food supplement was developed by Nutrievo and tested in 2010 in a number of lofts. This in close cooperation with Bram Koppenaal from Nutrievo. In these test lofts, in my loft but also the lofts of Gebr. vd Heuvel and Jos de Ridder. We all saw the positive effect of this product on the condition of the pigeons. In 2010 we were all very successful with provincial victories, long distance and extreme middle distance championships.

From the start I am ambassador of this product and it is exclusively available through the webshop! No product turns a donkey into a racehorse, but the TopPigeon PE granulate is now being used in the feeding system of many successful fanciers who have put their trust in it. Because of this the PE grain is part of the base of Olympiad pigeons, many national winners, national champions etc etc. Year in and year out! Something that we are very proud of.

More enthusiastic fanciers about the TopPigeons Power Endurance granulate

The Top Pigeons Power Endurance Granulate is being added by more and more enthusiasts to the daily diet of their pigeons! And the Power Endurance Granulate is used by enthusiasts from all game components, from vitesse to extreme long distance. View the references below about their experiences with the Top Pigeons Power Endurance Granulate

Class pigeons, top fanciers and proper care to give the pigeons enough energy to make the difference is our firm conviction. The TopPigeons Power Endurance Granulate can be an important link in this.

Gebr. van Deutekom