Strategic cooperation between &

We are pleased to inform you that our companies are working more closely together to serve our customers even better. Through this collaboration, the 2 largest Dutch auction sites are joining forces and a partnership with more than 20,000 international customers is created, and in this way we have access to a global network.

GPS Auctions is an all-round company on the international pigeon market with a lot of power in the most important export countries with an excellent logistics organization in Elshout the Netherlands. A major player worldwide with a strong international expansion.

TopPigeons was one of the first auction houses on the internet and has been fully focused on the marathon races since its founding in 2002. As a niche player, she has built up world fame by scouting and offering exclusive “top quality marathon pigeons”. Our companies complement each other wonderfully and with this cooperation we are convinced to offer our customers even more opportunities in the rapidly changing pigeon market and we are joining forces. Both companies retain their own unique identity.

This cooperation includes:

  1. Sharing each other’s customer and agent network to serve our customers even better.
  2. Organizing unique global sales events such as PEARLS OF THE SKY ..
  3. TopPigeons will use the logistical organization of GPS for the storage, collection and transport of its auction pigeons via GPS.

We look forward to doing business with you through this cooperation and to be able to serve you even better! management management

The best of both!

From October 1, 2019, GPS Auctions and Top Pigeons have entered into a unique partnership. The first jewel of the new collaboration is a unique event when it comes to “live” selling top pigeons. Two auction houses, GPS AUCTIONS and TOP PIGEONS present an exclusive selection of top pigeon fanciers from the Netherlands and Belgium during “Pearls of the Sky”. The pigeons that are offered at this public event come from the very best pigeons from the absolute top of the Dutch and Belgian pigeon sport.


This is the name of the global annual live event that will take place on February 1, 2020.
Make a note of this date in your agenda and make sure you are there. All employees of GPS Auctions and Top Pigeons invite you to come and experience this live pigeon spectacle. More information about this unique event such as the location etc. will be announced via our websites and Social media.